280 Stops

A novella for the Internet about the 11 bus.

- Three -

Mr Donald Kelly

Outward Appearance

Cleanly shaven. The skin of a man who is not quite old but with the eyes of someone who has lived. A suit that is clean and pressed and been worn many times. Black shoes shined to a sergeant major standard. On the seat by his side is a neatly wrapped package.

Inside Information

An accomplished musician who has spent many years on cruise ships. Entertaining passengers with songs of yesterday that remind the well-fed of better days. In his head are innumerable tunes and his elegant fingers can play them all effortlessly on a piano.

What is he doing or thinking

What if she tells me I can't see the baby no she won't do that she's still my daughter and I have a right to see my grandchild I have no rights she said I was never there I'm here now she must forgive me three stops until the hospital four stops until the pub she will see me I'm her father I'm her pops I'm an old foolish man I hope that she likes the present I've just found joy I'm happy as a baby boy with a brand new choo choo toy how you loved that song when you were in bed ready for sleep I sing it over and over and then when you fell asleep I'd watch you to make sure you were safe what's wrong with the damn bus it ain't moving I should get off and walk City Road always busy my baby has had a baby I have a grandson a boy a beautiful boy a pair of eyes that are brighter than a summer sky